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While physical keys can be copied very easily, duplicating electronic keys requires a much higher degree of sophistication. This makes your access system much more secure than it could ever be with physical keys.

An electronic user database means that you never have to change locks at your sites. If a keycard is ever lost, it can be immediately removed from the database and a new one can be issued. If an employee leaves your company, his or her access rights can be deleted within seconds. This greatly lowers your overall exposure to risk. With electronic access, your single key or access code grants you access to every door you need to access, so there’s no chance of forgetting the key for a particular door. If you get to a site where you need access and you are not recognized by the system, a network operator can add you or your supervisor to the list instantly.

If a tech needs additional access to handle an emergency in the field, his or her rights can be updated immediately. This way, the tech can travel straight to the emergency without returning to the office, reducing costly time and accelerating repairs. With an electronic access system, every entry to your sites is logged for later review. This can be an invaluable tool when investigating vandalism or theft, or for tracking response times or technical activities internally. 

If a tech or outside contractor needs access to a locked site, you can open that door remotely from your central terminal. This gives you an extra degree of flexibility while making sure that you know about entries into your sites. Electronic access is faster and better that using locks and keys. You’ll never have to look through a ring of keys to find the right one, and you won’t waste space in your pocket or briefcase carrying bulky rings of keys.

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